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Breast uplift surgery (mastopexy) is available here at Netri Cosmetic Surgery and is a hugely popular procedure. It is a surgical procedure which helps to lift the breasts that may have drooped due to the natural ageing process, childbirth (breast feeding), fluctuations in weight or certain medical conditions.

Prices start from £7,750

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How does a breast uplift surgery work?

An uplift works by removing any excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissues to reshape and support a new breast contour. In addition, the areola can also be reduced and re-positioned.

A breast uplift is achieved using various surgical techniques and incision patterns, something that Mr Netri is highly-experienced and well-versed at performing for thousands of his patients. He will explain the different options and advise on the technique that best suits your requirements and expectations.

See yourself in 3D before choosing breast surgery

Mr Netri uses Crisalix virtual aesthetic technology to help his patients see the result of breast augmentation. You can see the difference between implant sizes and shapes on your body for a truly personalised surgical consultation. Start your journey from the comfort of home by using the link below.


What happens in breast uplift surgery?

Throughout your breast uplift surgery you will be under a general anaesthetic. Therefore, you won’t know anything about the procedure itself. You will fall asleep and wake up as if no time has passed and will be receiving full pain medication when you wake.

Depending on the decision Mr Netri has made regarding your specific requirements for surgery, he will decide which of the following incisions to use:

Periareolar mastopexy – the excess skin is removed from the central part of the breast, leaving only a scar around the areola, where normal colour variation in this area helps to disguise the final scar.

Full mastopexy – with this method, the scar will be around the areola, vertically down to the breast crease and horizontally, along the breast crease creating what is known as an anchor shape. The breast tissue is lifted and reshaped, improving shape and firmness. The nipples and areola are then repositioned higher up to create a lifted look (without removing the nipple) and the size of the areola may be reduced if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I suitable for a breast uplift surgery?

If you’re considering a breast uplift surgery, here is a simple, initial checklist:

  • You are over 18
  • You are healthy and active
  • Your weight is stable
  • You don’t smoke

If you meet the above criteria, the next step is a breast uplift consultation with Mr Netri, alongside our practice nurse, so that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Your initial consultation will last approximately 1 hour and will give you the opportunity to discuss why you are considering a breast uplift, what you’re expecting by means of results, any questions and concerns you have and whether you are medically suitable for the procedure. Mr Netri will speak with you about your family and medical history and will also need your permission to contact your GP to obtain your medical records for assessment. In some cases and as recommended by new guidelines in the UK, a psychological assessment may also be required.

Mr Netri will then examine and measure your breasts and record the size, shape, nipple position and skin laxity. This will help him to create a bespoke treatment plan for your surgery. Mr Netri will then explain in detail the operation itself and any risks and possible associated complications.

If you are also having a breast implant, this will be the opportunity for you to select the most suitable implant. Along with Mr Netri’s advice, you can try different sizes of implant and discuss with Mr Netri the kind of result you are seeking. At this stage Mr Netri will use his expertise and experience to recommend the size of implant that will best suit your body frame and lifestyle.

A second consultation will also be offered, so that you can talk through the surgical plan with Mr Netri, in detail and ask any additional questions that you may have forgotten in your first consultation or indeed, any additional thoughts you have had since.

At Netri Cosmetic Surgery, you must have a 14 day cooling off period, after your consultations, as this will ensure you are making the right decision. It will also give you time to plan your recovery and arrange suitable childcare, work-related holidays and any necessary arrangements that you may need to make, before booking your surgery, so that you can recover well, from your operation.

Are there risks with breast uplift surgery?

A breast uplift is a surgical procedure and as with any operation, there are always risks, however unlikely. Mr Netri has performed thousands of breast uplift surgeries and this means that the chances of an unforeseen circumstance arising during the surgery is minimal to negligible.

During your consultation, Mr Netri will guide you through every aspect of the surgery and will explain all risks that could be associated with this procedure. You can then weigh up the risks and make an educated and informed decision about whether to go ahead with the surgery and fulfil your dreams for perkier and lifted breasts.

At Netri Cosmetic Surgery, it is our duty to tell you all about the risks and any potential complications that could take place, as well as the benefits of this treatment.

Potential risks include:

  • Problems with the anaesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Seroma (fluid accumulation)
  • Infection – post-surgery
  • Poor or uneven scarring
  • Persistent pain
  • Asymmetry
  • Loss of, or reduced sensation in the breasts or nipples
  • Partial or total loss of the areola and nipple
  • Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism
  • Need for revision of surgery.

How much does breast uplift surgery cost?

Costs average between £6,500 to £7,500 for a straight-forward breast uplift surgery. However, if you decide on having an augmentation as well as an uplift procedure, the costs can increase.

Included in the price


Hospital facility

The implant

The surgeon


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* Extra costs could be applied for pre-operative tests, surgical bra and breast band, aftercare medication and revision of surgery. All costs will be discussed and finalised at your consultation with Mr Netri.

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