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Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

A flat tummy for that perfect look

If you find that you struggle to maintain a flat tummy as time goes on, you’re not alone. A protruding or saggy abdomen can appear, even if you exercise regularly and eat a healthy, balanced diet. Excess pockets of stubborn fat can be retained through genetics and loose, sagging skin can be a results of pregnancy, ageing, rapid weight loss and even previous surgery.

Prices start from £8,650

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What is abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is a surgical cosmetic procedure which is performed under a general anaesthetic. It aims to make the abdomen flatter and firmer. The surgery involves the removal of skin and fat from both the middle and the lower abdomen, in order to tighten the muscles and fascia (a band of fibrous connective tissue, consisting of collagen, to stabilise and protect the organs of the stomach). It’s important to understand that a tummy tuck surgery will not make you lose weight or hide stretch marks, unless these stretch marks are within the skin being removed. It is however, a way to tighten the stomach region for a flatter look. With this in mind, it’s advisable to embark on a weight loss programme and have children before considering a tummy tuck operation.

Mr Netri

Mr Netri is one of the most active and popular plastic surgeons in the North West of England where he lives. He has been working full-time in the UK for over 10 years operating on thousands of patients and gaining an enormous amount of experience in cosmetic surgery, with particular interest for breast surgery and body contouring procedures.

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At Netri Cosmetic Surgery in Cheshire, we offer abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgery to remove fat and excess skin and produce a flatter, more toned-looking stomach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I suitable for a tummy tuck?

Before any surgical procedure can commence here at Netri Cosmetic Surgery, you will be invited to a preliminary consultation with Mr Netri, alongside our practice nurse for your peace of mind.

This initial meeting will last approximately 1 hour and will allow you to discuss why you are considering a tummy tuck, what you’re expecting by means of results, any concerns you have and any potential risks. Mr Netri will also check your medical history and will need your permission to contact your GP to obtain your medical records, for assessment.

In some cases, and as recommended by new guidelines for cosmetic surgery in the UK, a psychological assessment may be required at this meeting.

Based on a physical examination that Mr Netri will undertake during your consultation, you will then be able to discuss with him, the options available as well as potential risks and complications that could occur, however rare.

You will be offered a second consultation with Mr Netri, so that you can ask any more questions that you may not have thought of during your initial consultation, as well as go over all the details of your surgical plan once more.

At Netri Cosmetic Surgery,you must have a 14 day cooling off period, so that you can think very carefully and consider all aspects of your abdominoplasty. We want to ensure that you make the right decision for you and that you take time to do so. This is part of our duty of care to all our patients.

What happens during tummy tuck surgery?

Your tummy tuck will be carried out under a general anaesthesia so you will be completely asleep throughout. When you awake, you will have been given complete pain relief, so the whole process is a comfortable one.

Thanks to Mr Netri’s skill as one of the UK’s most accomplished cosmetic plastic surgeons, your scar will run just above your pubic hairline, from hip to hip above so most cases should be completely covered by underwear or swimwear. However, every patient is different and shape and length of the scar will be determined by how much excess skin you have, so may be slightly visible.

As abdominoplasty works by pulling the upper abdominal skin down and removing any excess skin, stitching the remaining skin together and repairing the abdominal muscle, you will need a new opening for the belly button and your navel restored, which can leave a small scar.

Are there risks with abdominoplasty surgery?

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure and like all surgeries, there are some risks, however unlikely. Mr Netri is a very highly skilled plastic cosmetic surgeon and therefore, any risks are minimal-to- negligible. All associated risks will be discussed in your consultation with Mr Netri, so that you can make an informed and educated decision about whether to go ahead with your surgery and fulfil your goals for a flatter stomach.

All our patients are requested to sign a consent form to confirm that they understand the risks explained to them. It is our duty to tell you all about these risks as well as any potential complications, as well as the benefits of having a tummy tuck. All risks will be explained to you before you sign the consent form.

Potential risks could include:

  • Problems with anaesthesia.
  • Bleeding, resulting in a possible need for a transfusion.
  • Infection – post-procedure.
  • Seroma ( prolonged swelling or a build-up of fluid that may need to be drained).
  • Necrosis (the death/loss of healthy skin tissue).
  • Numbness or other changes in sensitivity that could be permanent.
  • Poor healing.
  • Uneven or raised scarring.
  • Reoccurring loose skin.
  • Asymmetry.
  • Persistent pain or discomfort.
  • An unsatisfactory appearance / result.
  • Possibility of having to undergo revision surgery.
  • DVT, cardiac and pulmonary complications.

How long is the downtime?

Your tummy tuck surgery will require you to stay in hospital for 1 or 2 nights, so that you can be monitored after your surgery. Before leaving the hospital, you will be given specific aftercare instructions on how to care for your abdomen and your health, as well as the appropriate medication, for the best possible recovery.

You can start to drive and return to work as early as 2 weeks after your surgery, depending on how physically demanding your job is.

As you heal, you will need to wear a compression garment, both day and night for up to 6 weeks. This helps to keep swelling down and support your tummy as it heals, following surgery. You will need to keep your dressings clean and dry for 2 weeks and will not be able to exercise or do any heavy lifting for 6 weeks, post-surgery.

Mr Netri will advise you of the best time to return to the clinic for a follow-up appointment.

When will I see the results?

To see the optimum result from this operation can take around a year (in some case longer) to see the optimum results from this operation. However, the good news is that your tummy will look flatter and firmer, creating the look you want.

Every patient is different and we are all anatomically unique. Therefore, your results will be as individual as you. Any photographs you are shown before your operation are a guide to what your results will be and your results may vary from these images.

How much does abdominoplasty cost?

A straightforward abdominoplasty starts from £7,700 but this price may vary if liposuction is required. The price varies depending upon facility and costs.

Included in the price


Hospital facility

The surgeon


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* Extra costs are be applied for pre-operative tests, medication and post-surgical compression garments.

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