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Breast augmentation in Cheshire with Mr Netri

Breast augmentation or a ‘boob job’ is now one of the most common and popular cosmetic surgery procedures. It involves inserting either a prosthetic breast implant (usually made of silicone) in to the breast pocket, or transferring fat from another part of the body and injecting it in to the breasts for a fuller, more pert and youthful appearance. If you are seeking a breast surgeon in Cheshire, then you’ll know it can be a minefield to know who is the very best around. Here at Inspire Cosmetic Surgeons we have one of the world’s most competent and experienced breast augmentation surgeons, Mr Netri and he should be top of your considerations list if you’re serious about getting a beautifully natural result, in the safest of hands.

Mr Netri is a Board-Certified specialist in plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. He is on the full specialist register of the GMC and is a member of the Italian Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery ( SICPRE), which is the international equivalent of BAPRAS. He is also a member of the Italian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (AICPE) and of the American Academy of Plastic Surgery (AACS) which are the international equivalent of BAAPS.

Before undergoing breast augmentation, it’s important to have a full preliminary consultation with Mr Netri. This is the first step of your journey and will give both you and Mr Netri the opportunity to discuss your medical history, your expectations and what to expect during and after the procedure. Mr Netri will examine you and decide which method would best suit your needs and physical attributes, such as implanting under or over the muscle and the kind of implant to use. Whether it’s a silicone implant that is necessary or fat transfer to the breasts, Mr Netri will help you by giving you all the facts that you need. Once this initial consultation is completed, you should be able to make a sensible and informed decision on how to proceed.

It may take a few more meetings with Mr Netri before the day of your operation, to discuss any concerns you may have and to also evaluate the size of implant and indeed, the size you would like your new breasts to be. Many things have to be taken in to consideration and this cannot be taken lightly. Your daily activities, career, bodily frame, general health and how you would like to be perceived socially need to all be considered when it comes to choosing the correct sized implants and you may be back and forth to Mr Netri to discuss and finalise this. In any case, no matter how many times you need to speak with Mr Netri before your operation, you will always be welcome. We have to ensure all details are right and that you are completely happy to proceed beforehand.

On the day of your operation, you will be welcomed to our Cheshire surgery and will be made comfortable by the nursing staff and clinical team. You’ll have a discussion with the anaesthetist as well as Mr Netri before your surgery. The procedure takes around 1 hour and you will be under full anaesthetic all the way through. You’ll awake with no recall on any of the procedure and will be asked to eat something and go to the bathroom and awaken fully before you are allowed to leave the clinic.
Aftercare is of utmost importance after any breast augmentation and you’ll need to wear supportive garments and a breast strap after the operation. You’ll not be able to return to your usual activities for some weeks and expect 1 to 2 weeks off work to recover. The better you can look after yourself in the days and weeks that follow your breast surgery, the better the long-term outcome.

At Inspire Cosmetic Surgeons, we only use tested and approved silicone implants by Motiva and Mentor. These have been proven to offer an excellent safety record and longevity of integrity. Mr Netri will help you decide on which size, shape and brand of silicone implants will be right for you, in your initial consultations.

Having breast surgery can have a huge impact to increase your confidence, self-worth and feelings of femininity but it’s important to make the right choices and carefully consider who, where and how you will have your operation. Here at Inspire Cosmetic Surgeons in Cheshire, we are proud to boast Mr Netri as our leading breast surgeon who never ceases to give the most beautiful results, in the safest surroundings for your peace of mind and life-long wellbeing.

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